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Our short 4 page magazine/news letter ‘The Redlake’, is kept deliberately short and readable, but this means that sometimes articles which people have written have had to be edited.  Some of these articles can be read in full here, sometimes with additional pictures.

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February 2021

It has been too long since I have updated the Chapel Lawn news page.  2020 was a strange year when everything here seemed to grind to a halt and life became very insular.  

Chapel Lawn Village is, without meaning to be, a quiet and isolated spot.  It is not on the way to anywhere; has only 100 households, most of which are out of the village itself.  We have no village shop, no pub, a bus which only runs once a week and only three street lights!  However, we do have a church, maybe not ‘vibrant’, but definitely active and a village hall, which at times other than the present is very active. Therefore it is easy for us residents to believe that Covid 19 is something that other people get.  We try not to be complacent.

For my part, living out of the village and having no reason to venture beyond our gates (lovely husband does the cooking, therefore the shopping), I do not even know what is happening in the wider community unless someone tells me and, not being a nosey person therefore a good reporter, I have nothing to put on the website unless I am sent information.

So - this is a plea to residents of Chapel Lawn to please send photos and anecdotes, useful information and anything else you would like to share outside the village for inclusion on this so useful resource.

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Bryneddin Wood above Chapel Lawn