Chairman’s Report and meeting notes AGM 28th May 2019

There were apologies from Gary Mills, Di Cosgrove and Simon Jameson.  Four non-committee members were present.

The committee have worked hard this last year to provide plenty of entertainment in the form of films, shows and parties.  The season’s films were very well received and in total have raised over £500 and that is without the ever popular food and flicks last month.  We hosted the county quiz in November, which seems to be a regular event now and participants have been very complimentary about our hosting service.  Then there was the New Year’s party and a couple of pub nights last summer which we hope to repeat this coming summer.  

Through Arts Alive, we have the opportunity to host live performers such as Daniel Llewellyn Williams (The Regular Little Houdini).  These people love to come and play to small intimate audiences and can do so thanks to Arts Alive.  The organisation is very important to small rural communities such as ours and they are in danger of losing their funding.  As a Village Hall Committee, I believe it is important that we support the organisation so that we can continue to provide such a wealth of interesting shows and talented performers.  There is to be a special event in September, to commemorate Arts Alive, to raise money for them and more importantly to have a party!

We also provide a venue for other events:  The church has used the Village Hall for the ramble and lunch, the harvest supper, the mens’ cooking competition and bake-off, and drinks and canapes before the concert a week or two ago.  This is currently vital for the church which is desperately short of funds.  There are also the regular meetings of local organisations such as the WI, ODAS and the Air gun club, The Redlake Valley Artists, the Community Benefit Society and in addition the hall  is used for Clun with Chapel Lawn Town Council meetings and national and local elections.  It is also used for parties, christenings, weddings and funerals.

None of this would go so smoothly or be possible without the hard work and dedication of our little team and ‘thank you’s go to all our committee members in particular and to other regular helpers and cooks for the food events.  

Last year I was able to report on several refurbishments and repairs to the village hall during the year.  This year apart from providing disabled parking signs, painting the front of the hall and putting up the new village hall sign, renovations have taken a back seat and we have instead been saving up for the next round of improvements. These have now been decided and, due to the year’s activities and entertainments, these can all be done without resorting to public funding, which is perhaps needed more elsewhere.  

Over the next year we intend to replace the kitchen and hallway tiles with non-slip flooring; purchase new stackable staging, install full stage lighting, side curtains and black-out blinds and carry out various repairs, such as replacing the flushing unit in the gents toilets (now done), re-decorating inside and out and replacing ‘blown’ double glazing in the windows.

We are also hoping to provide wi-fi in the hall so that not only will it be possible to communicate with the outside world while here, but also we could provide live-streaming of events and it would be very useful to know from the people here if anyone would be interested in watching live streamed events such as sport, plays, ballets, operas or concerts?

The Entertainments Sub Committee outlined their role as from earlier this year and listed the forthcoming events (see last OM)

Beryl Palmer resigned from the Trustees but agreed to continue as booking secretary for the hall.  All other trustees agreed to continue as before.

The AGM was followed by a brief Ordinary Meeting to elect chairman - Becky Sherman and vice chairman - Di Cosgrove and to confirm the continuing appointment of treasurer and secretary.

Dates for next season’s films were also arranged as follows: 14/9/19, 12/10/19, 9/11/19, 29/11/19 and 11/1/20

4th September 2018 Meeting Notes of Ordinary Meeting

Present:  Becky Sherman (Chair), Vivien Ashton (Secretary)

Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Jacqueline Molony, Simon Jameson, James Middleton, Sarah Oakden, Beryl Palmer, Peter Sherman , Dave Wright

Apologies:  Jim Rogers, Christine Rogers

The path to the side of the hall will be cleared and tidied in the Spring and when there is a need.

The Committee are discussing the purchase of a Pop up marquee:

Jim Rogers has made disabled signs for the hall

Sunday afternoon entertainment (mainly for winter) was approved.

Hodre Pond is now the responsibility of a small group of volunteers; the Village Hall may be asked for small amounts of funding in the future.

Village Hall Quiz The date for the Quiz was settled as Friday 7th December.  Volunteers were requested for food preparation and help on the night.

The fire extinguishers were checked this week

Community Building Funding: Beryl Palmer drew to the attention of the Committee the offering of grants by a charitable Foundation administered by the Shropshire Rural Communities Charity.

20th November 2018 Meeting Notes of Ordinary Meeting

Present:  Becky Sherman (Chair), Vivien Ashton (Secretary)

Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Jacqueline Molony, Simon Jameson, James Middleton, Sarah Oakden, Beryl Palmer,  Jim Rogers, Christine Rogers, Dave Wright

Apologies: Gary Mills

Guests: Karen Limbrick, Mark Limbrick (Arts Alive)

Risk Assessment has been updated and in future will be carried out before each AGM.  We have a separate Fire Risk Assessment

Friday 7th December – Quiz night arrangements were finalised by Mark and Karen Limbrick

Saturday 15th December - Village party and film arrangements were finalised

The Committee received feedback from the Arts Alive Subcommittee.

Arts Alive are struggling with funding and are asking Village Halls and entertainment venues to contribute extra to help.  The committee agreed in principle to supporting Arts Alive as it provides an important service.  They are discussing ways in which this can be achieved without compromising its charitable status.

Christmas decorations to be put up before the Men’s Cooking Competition on Dec 1st.

Some of the committee are concerned that enough people need to show up to the New Year’s Party; it will be run on the same format as normal ie. DIY.  Start time will be 9.30pm.

Housekeepers on duty need to check cleaning consumables and purchase necessary items (toilet rolls and drying paper etc.) before specific events.

There is a problem with the drainage of the kitchen sink which will be investigated.

The men’s toilets and hallway will be redecorated in the coming year.

The next meeting will be on the 19th February 2019

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Tuesday 19th February 2019 notes of Ordinary Meeting

Absent and apologies from Vivien Ashton (Secretary) andDi Cosgrove

Arrangements were finalised for the live show, A Regular Little Houdini on 30th March.  

Arts Alive extra funding.  As a registered charity, the Village Hall cannot donate money itself so it was decided that specific event would be held in the Village Hall as a fund-raiser.

The Entertainments Sub Committee now has guidelines, detailing its responsibilities.  The current membership consists of Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox (Arts Alive Promoter), Sarah Oakden and Peter Sherman.

It was proposed and agreed that a cleaner should be employed after large parties and other appropriate occasions to make sure that the hall is kept clean and presentable.  The inventory will be updated int eh next few months.

More refurbishment of the hall is needed and as funds are currently quite high, items such as an overhaul of the Gents toilets, replacement of the tiles in the entrance hall, stage lighting and new staging and a general re-decoration should be considered.  The kitchen drain will also be considered

Vivien Ashton has agreed to be the Compliance Officer

It was agreed to consider having an internet wi-fi connection for the Hall.

Christine Rogers reported that the Flicks in the Sticks has been very successful this season with an average of 32 people attending each film and a profit of £512.00

Gary Mills as Clun Town Council representative asked for points to be raised.  The only one was the state of road signs in the parish.  He also said that there will be major road resurfacing taking place in Clun during the summer which will cause disruption.  Gary was thanked for his input.

Monday 13th May 2019 notes of Ordinary Meeting

Apologies from Gary Mills

Members of the Entertainment Sub Committee (ESC) attended the launch meeting of Arts Alive to view samples of the available acts for the forthcoming season.  Food and Flicks; 61  people came, of whom 56 had the meal. Takings were £480.

Dates put forward to the Committee were approved as follows:

Pub Evenings 22/6, 20/7 and 17/8.  Other dates; 1/9 3.0 pm Beetle Drive, 28/9 Arts Alive Celebration 'Canapés and Fizz', 26/10 Wild Willy Barrett's Roaring Touring,23/11 Sultana Brothers, 14/12 Christmas Party (to be arranged)  

It was agreed to include in the Booking Agreement the exclusion of helium balloons and lanterns from the decoration of the Hall as they create dangerous litter both in the hall and in the surrounding fields.

Jim Rogers presented the following list of proposed refurbishments:

New staging, Exterior and Interior redecorating, Flooring, Stage lighting, Blackout blinds, Installation of Wifi, Double glazing repairs, Men's urinals.  The Committee felt strongly that these repairs should be made using existing funds where possible rather than raising external funding. The Committee voted to approve all the above stated refurbishments, on a step by step basis, leaving the work on the stage to a later date.

Monday 20th August 2019 Meeting Notes of Ordinary Meeting

Present: Becky Sherman (Chair), Vivien Ashton (Secretary) Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Jacqueline Molony, Simon Jameson, James Middleton, Sarah Oakden, Christine Rogers, Jim Rogers,  Dave Wright

Apologies: Gary Mills

Jim Rogers reported that the work on the outside of the Hall has been finished. We will need to get the flooring done in the kitchen etc. before we can begin redecorating inside so all events in January 2020 cancelled to get this done. Funds are sufficient to go ahead with procuring new staging

Arts Alive - There was discussion about how to put on the event to celebrate 20 years of Arts Alive scheduled for 28th September. The committee voted to put out a donations box for AA at the event rather than sell tickets.

Di Cosgrove reported that pub nights have not been particularly well attended, but it was felt that they should be continued if possible.

The Christmas party will be on 14th December and it was agreed that we should extend invitations to the wider community and should include the Gun Club, the WI, the Church etc. in the organisation.

It was proposed to hire a cleaner for a minimum of 2 hours a fortnight, but with reference to the calendar where events might require an alteration to the timing.

Jim Rogers reported that village wifi has now been installed at the Hall.

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Tuesday 3rd December 2019 notes of Ordinary Meeting

Present: Becky Sherman (Chair), Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Jacqueline Molony, Simon Jameson, Sarah Oakden, Christine Rogers, Jim Rogers,  Dave Wright

Apologies: Gary Mills, James Middleton

Vivien Ashton handed in her resignation as Secretary and official thanks were offered to her, particularly for stepping in last May at the AGM.  Sarah Oakden offered to step in as temporary secretary and take minutes for the meetings.

It was hoped that the new flooring would be finished in time for the next Arts Alive event on 25 January.  Various double glazing units need to be replaced and the quote came in higher than expected; this was put on hold for now. We are still having trouble with the boiler and suppliers will be contacted find out what can be done about it.

It was agreed that the cleaner would be asked to take on a fuller ‘housekeeping’ role, otherwise restricting cleaning just to after larger events.

The ‘Wild Willy’ event had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but the Entertainments Sub Committee have done a good job overall, organising and arranging live events for the village.  Marion Cox, as the Arts Alive promoter/representative outlined plans for the next live show, George Egg’s ‘Anarchist Cook’.  Another show is booked for May 2020.  Other events were proposed for 2020.

All arrangements for the Christmas Party were discussed and jobs shared out.  The Village Hall would supply mulled wine.

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 notes of Ordinary Meeting

Present: Becky Sherman (Chair), Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Simon Jameson, Sarah Oakden, Christine Rogers, Dave Wright, James Middleton

Apologies: Jacqueline Molony

The hall and kitchen floors are finished.  There is new anti-slip vinyl flooring throughout.  There is, however, a possible trip hazard in the doorways which will be addressed in the next few weeks.

Gary Mills resigned from the Clun and Chapel Lawn Parish Council, so will no longer be their representative on our Committee.

Jim Rogers has resigned as Treasurer and trustee and Dave Wright offered to take on the role.  Christine Rogers offered to be named as ‘contact’ for the committee until we find a Secretary.  Other secretarial roles will be shared by other members of the committee.

The financial report was made and it was noted that boiler repairs have reduced the bank funds more than expected!  Jim Rogers was thanked for his hard work as treasurer and associated tasks undertaken for the VH over the years.

George Egg was a great success and there were high hopes for the May event and Marion asked for volunteers to help run it.  It was agreed to increase the maximum number of tickets for an event to 60.  The Entertainment sub committee has been contacted by several performers to come to play here; none were deemed suitable and the diary is full enough for this year though a summer BBQ was mooted for June.

A framed aerial photograph of Chapel Lawn from Monica’s Estate has been donated to the village hall by Karen and Mark Limbrick and Ann Arnold’s original painting of the church in the Redlake Valley will be hung in the hall for safety.  The church will have the reproduction which was made for the village sign.

March 28th 2020.  The country went into lockdown and all events were cancelled and the Village Hall shut for the foreseeable future.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 26th June 2020 7.30 pm

Present: Becky Sherman (Chair), Di Cosgrove, Marion Cox, Jacqueline Molony, Sarah Oakden, James Middleton, Dave Wright

Apologies: Simon Jameson, Christine Rogers

Due to the countrywide lockdown, this was an outdoor meeting at a suitable distance from each other.  Contact has been maintained throughout this period by email and the AGM was postponed until September.

Initially the committee decided not to apply for the offered £10,000 grant from Shropshire Council, but apply for the much smaller £500, which we got.  It was decided at this meeting to take advantage of the larger sum after all and use the money for more refurbishment and maintenance on the hall and provide what entertainments we could as and when we can.  Simon Jameson suggested that we install an electric car charging point in the VH car park, to be discussed at future meetings when Simon has done some extra research.

The new Covid-19 guidelines for village halls were discussed and their impact on the village hall from the extra cleaning required and cleaning supplies made available to the problems of numbers at future events and what kind of events could be held.  Films will not be shown for the foreseeable future.  ‘Box of Frogs’, an Arts Alive show, which was to be held in has been booked for sometime around Christmas.  Events will not run a bar, but encourage people to bring their own drink.  Rules and protocols will have to be flexible as guidelines change.

There is to be an extra meeting to discuss and agree protocols and guidelines for the hiring of the hall in the light of the Coronavirus.

Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 1st September 2020

Present: Becky Sherman (Chair), Di Cosgrove, Dave Wright (Treasurer), Christine Rogers, Jacqueline Moloney, Sarah Oakden

Apologies:  James Middleton who will continue as a trustee, attend to boiler issues & RHA; Simon Jameson who will continue a trustee, Marion Cox who will continue a trustee dealing with Arts Alive only.

The 6 months prior to the coronavirus outbreak went well including the Christmas Party, New Year’s Eve party and George Egg in January, with films being shown until just before lockdown.  More Arts Alive events were planned but put on hold because of Covid restrictions.  Thanks to everyone for their help in these difficult times and especially to Marion and Di for their work on the new risk assessment and to Christine for her work on the Covid-19 documents needed for hall hirers.

The £10,000 grant has boosted funds during the current restrictions and there are no financial concerns with funds for emergencies and maintenance.

Sarah Oakden resigned as trustee and Beryl Palmer has stepped down from bookings secretary due to ill health.  The committee all appreciate the work that Beryl has put in for the village hall in the past.  A new cleaner has been approved for any cleaning work required in the future.

This is the last set of notes from me as I have resigned as Chairman and as a trustee of the Village Hall Committee.  I will, however, continue to design and manage the Chapel Lawn website, so hope I will be given information to publish!

Becky Sherman 01/09/20


picture by Ann Arnold